Wednesday, September 14, 2011

La dolcezza di non fare niente

I don't really have anything to say.  I've been away for too long and things are happening that I can't necessarily talk about, even here (much as I'd like to).  Nothing to be alarmed over, just....things.  Stuff.  I can say that I am evolving, changing, discovering and rediscovering things about myself.  Also, I appear to be losing weight again.  The workouts are great and I am running farther now but only on the treadmill.  Running on concrete is a whole different story!  Holy bejeezus, it's much harder than running on a treadmill.  I enjoy it immensely and am slowly building up my endurance and am at a place I couldn't begin to imagine just a few months ago.  Yes, kids...I ROCK.  Yes I do.  Feelin' strong, lookin' good and rockin' it round the clock. 

I'll be back when I have something useful or amusing to say.  Meanwhile, keep it real, keep it light and take your meds. 

That's life at the asylum!   LOL


Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from the Land of the Blog Abandonment

Hey kids!  I'm back, as you can very well see for yourself.  I apologize for the inconsistency of my posts.  Frankly, I don't have much excuse - I've been unemployed for the past 5 months and therefore have had more time than ever to dedicate to this blog, but have I?  Yeah, yeah, I know! 

As for what's new in my life, well...I am once again attempting vegetariansim.  Or is it demi-vegetarianism?  There are so many fracken versions and definitions, it's difficult to keep up.  Bascially, I am trying to cut out meat that comes from anything that walks on land.  I still eat fish and dairy products because dammit I love cheese and eggs too much to give em up.  Though if I think hard enough about it, the idea of eating an unfertilized chicken egg, squeezed from the chickens nether regions might gross me out enough to keep me from eating it.......for like, a minute.  LOL   I am trying to approach this realistically.  I'm not saying I'll never eat meat again, though at this point in time my goal is to not ever have to.  I also will NOT be one of those "veg-heads" who looks cross-eyed at others for horkin' down a big juicy steak or bbq'd chicken legs.  Why would I? I know they're tasty.  But for my own reasons, I'm choosing to not eat it anymore.   Y'all go on and enjoy it.  Thankfully, I positively LOVE fruits and veggies and have a rather adventurous palate, so I'm not at all limited in my choice of dishes.  The other day I created an incredibly delicious dish that was ridiculously easy to make.  Tofu, cubed and browned in olive oil then I added chick peas and a jar of curry simmer sauce from Trader Joe's.  I let it simmer for a while and voila - holy delish!!!   Today I made vegetarian chili using a ton of veggies, 3 kinds of beans and soy crumbles from Morningstar.  It doesn't taste exactly like traditional chili but it IS delicious in and of itself.  The trick is not expecting it to taste exactly like traditional chili.  I am also going to try tempeh for the first time.  I have it marinating overnight in bbq sauce for dinner tomorrow.  Not sure how I'll cook it - maybe grill it or bake it.  I am making bbq chicken for the boys, corn on the cob and fried green tomatoes. Mmm, can't wait! I have had bbq seitan before at a UU potluck and it was really tasty.  At some point this week I will attempt to make my own seitan because I have been unable to find it pre-made around here except for the canned stuff at the Asian grocer and frankly....the thought of eating that makes me gag a little.  If you saw the picture on the can, you'd understand.  It looks like sliced brain.  Ew.  For all I know it is, despite the label reading "vegetarian chicken"!!!  Rather make it m'self, thank you very much.  Even if it comes out looking like brain as well, at least I KNOW what went into it!!! 

Aside from that I have been working out fairly regularly and have more time to myself to focus on things like sewing and maybe even picking up my guitar finally!  Aiden is in summer camp three days a week and will be attending preschool in the fall (full time, for FREE!!  YIPPEEE!!!).  I miss him when he's not here but it's been good for both of us.  I can focus on getting healthy without any distraction (and I DO get distracted too easily - look!  Something shiny!!!  lol ).  He gets much needed socializing and interaction with other kids, too.   It's a win/win.

Well, the hubs is home from his run so we're going to enjoy that delicious dinner I prepared.    I'll be back!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where I'm At

Howdy kids! 

So OK, here's the deal:  this is the start of week two of being unemployed/stay at home mom.  For those who don't know, I lost my job rather suddenly about two weeks ago.  I was working as a contract employee at the Shipyard (or as I now call it, the "Shityard") - had been, in fact, for a year and a half.  There was plenty of work and the promise of my contract continuing .  However, three weeks ago I found myself struck down by a rotten case of the flu.  I called in, kept in touch, went to the doctor and got a note...but on the fourth day of my recovery (which was to be my last - I was planning to go in on that Friday) I received a phone call from the contract company I worked through that the Shityard had suddenly and inexplicably terminated my contract.   Still no explanation at this point and frankly, I don't give a shit why they did it.  OK well....that's not entirely true.  I still want to know why.  Whatever their reason, it's likely a shit reason but ultimately, in the end, it doesn't matter.  I'm eligible to collect unemployment (thank the gods!) and I am spending time with my son who I absolutely adore, of course!  I have friends who are either looking for work or are stay at home moms and so I have friends to spend time with as well.  Frankly, life is pretty damn good right now!  I have time to focus on myself and Aiden, and do the things I used to enjoy.  Cooking, for instance.  I had fallen into a rut while working and served up bland, hardly appealing meals.  Now I have time to plan and get creative again!  Oh it's been wonderful!  Course, at the same time I'm trying to exercise more and watch what I eat.  It balances out though, since part of the creative process of cooking is coming up with delicious healthy meals! 
I am looking for work.  It's not as if I am completely slacking off.  I am required to look for work anyway if I am to collect unemployment benefits.  There aren't a lot of jobs out there that I qualify for or are terribly appealing, but I'm doing the best I can.   Meanwile, I'm thinking about a career change.  It won't likely be focused on making more money.  In fact, it's entirely likely I'll make less, but I'll be happier for it.  I  have always wanted to take a yoga instructor course.  I've signed up twice and both times something happened that forced me to back out before the class even started.  I don't want to let that happen now, but first:  I need to get my fat ass into shape again!!!!  Kinda hard to teach a class in something you can't even DO.  Duh.  I have a scary vision of a bunch of people scattered around me on their mats, staring at me w/ mouths agape while I huff and groan and struggle just to get my own lard-laden ass into a simple pose.  NOT COOL.  So yeah....I have some work to do, first!

And on that note.....there is a hungry 4 year old next to me so I need to go whip up some breakfast!  


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life as I know it

I'm not much of a blogger now, am I?  I swore up and down (side to side as well, I believe) that I would keep my blog current and post to it  at least once a week.  Have I?  Of COURSE not!  I'm a shmuck.  I'm a great big, lying, lazy, non-blogging shmuck.  Yet, here I am last.  Why? you may be wondering. I'll tell ya why.  It's because now I have time to blog!  Life delivered me one big kick in the pants by seeing to it that my job went bye-bye rather unexpectedly.  It sucks and it's a blow to not only my ego but our bank account as well.  However, I am trying to make the best of it and either use the time to take on new challenges, or pick up on ones that I had previously taken on and then left to collect dust. 

So here I iz kidz.  Back at the asylum!  So, pull up yer pants, wipe the drool off'n yer chin and git ready for regular doses of all kinds of crazy!!!

Woot! Woot!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

giddy up

Well, I knew I would slack off on the blogging and alas, it's been forever since my last entry. This isn't going to be a spectularly long entry. In fact, I'm really just making an entry remind myself I need to make a REAL entry and soon. Been busy. Wicked busy.

Be back soon, kidlets!

*nibbles & licks*


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Open Marriage: Taboo or Fabu?


Ya know, I wish I had something specific to blog about. Like, some blog about fashion, some about food, some about news, some about I blog about...well, about ME. That's what I know best. Me. Hence the title "Insanely Amy". I guess I just feel the need to blog now because I created it and until I come up with something meaningful you'll just have to deal with my nonsensical shit. Sorry. OK, no I'm not. :)

I would throw out questions and try to spur heated discussions if only I had more readers....maybe y'all need to send my blog to your friends. Then we can all just give each other scads of shit over our opinions and rant until we're blue in the face, eh?

There is one subject I'd like to get people's opinions on, but it's not something I'd put out say, on Facebook. Not with my husbands super christian and therefore, conservative, relatives lurking around out there. Not that I don't love em - I do, for sure, but my way of thinking is faarrrrr different than theirs. here it is. Open Marriage. Years ago if you asked me what I thought of this topic, well, first of all I wouldn't know what the hell you were talking about. Then once it was explained to me I would have said "Oh! No way! You like, totally have to be totally monogomous, like, to your spouse.!" Why would I have answered that way? Because that's what I was raised to believe. You were supposed to fall in love, get married and be with that one person for the rest of your life. No sex with anyone else, just that one person, until the day you kicked it. Or they left you. Hrm. OK. And there are those that DO live out their lives being completely and utterly faithful to that one person. Not that those in open marriages are being unfaithful - if they've both agreed to it then it's not being unfaithful now is it? OK but before I meander off into that side of the topic let me finish up here first. (and yes, I'm going to play both sides of the fence...heh heh...something I wish I'd done before - eh never mind)
OK so I see the appeal of having a completely monogomous marriage. Never have to wonder who your partner is with, what they're doing, whether they'll fall for that other person, if the other person is better in bed than you are, what they have that you don't, and so on, etc. But all of that comes as part of the jealousy - something you simply cannot have in an open marriage. It's a security thing. That, and how you're raised. Let's face it, we have things like this pounded into our heads because in our society, that's how it is. It's ingrained and you and the concept of anything else is completely alien to many of us. Then you have the bible thumpers who will tell you it's how God decreed it to be. Well....that's how MAN decreed it to be, really, but it matters not where it originated, it's how it is. I gotta wonder how this whole monogamy thing really started. Maybe it's because people found life to be a bit stressful with multiple partners. Shit, how do polygamists do it? It's got to be fucking exhausting!!! I am in a monogomous marriage and it's wonderful. But my attitude has changed greatly over the last 10 years or so, and while I treasure and respect my spouse and his needs and his ideas, I must confess......I totally see the appeal of an open marriage. So yes, now it is time for me to jump the fence and argue from the other side.

Are we really designed to be monogomous? One mate for the rest of our days here on earth? The same dick, or the same vagina, the same boobs, the same ass forever? Well, sure, why not? If you love those tits, that vag and that wingy-wang, then why should the prospect of having it and ONLY it til death do you part be so scary? I suppose it shouldn't. However, I think most of us will admit, whether it be to only ourselves or to others, that we have found ourselves at one time or another, no matter how happy we are in our relationships, attracted to another human being. We find ourselves wondering what it would be like to be with that person. That's not so unusual and there certainly isn't anything wrong with it. It's how we're wired, kids! Some of us stop at simply fantasizing about it. Others want to do it, but are afraid. Some go for it, get caught and their relationship falls apart. Then there are those that find a partner who shares their desire for a more open, and shall we say, varied sexual experience. Come on, think of the adventures! I'm not saying go out and fuck every dick or vag that walks your way - you have to be somewhat discriminating - but think of the freedom, the fun! You can take those experiences and bring them home to your partner and depending on your arrangement (some may not want to know what goes on when their partner is with someone else) you can share it with them, use it to fuel the fire between you and have your own adventures together! You have the freedom to connect physically with others, but you have that one devoted partner who you have physically, spiritually and emotionally.

However, this is a lifestyle or practice which is NOT for everyone. Some simply can't trust themselves or others enough to be able to handle this. Some I'm sure would think it a disgusting and utterly immoral way of life. It's a touchy subject, for sure, but one that I think can spark some interesting discussion.

Now, mind you, I'm not advocating one way or another - just an interesting topic and I wanted to explore both sides of it. If you've got an opinion, and wanna share, by all means. Hit me with it!

For now, I'm going to watch a little NCIS and "play both sides"...(meaning I'm going to sit here and drool equally over Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David - for those who are unfamiliar w/ the show, he is a smart-assed NCIS special agent, she is a Moussad officer who can kill you in 2 seconds, unarmed w/ one hand tied behind her little accent, too).


Friday, July 24, 2009

I have not forgotten....

I have not forgotten about my blog, I swear by all that is sacred and holy!!! Meaning: my shoes, my Coach bag and my unrelenting lust for that Scottish hunk of sex-on-a-stick, Gerard Butler, that I have NOT forgotten about my blog!!!! I've just been a busy lil bee for a while and had to put it on the back burner.

Truly I haven't a thing to talk about right now...I'll try though. Ummm, let's, about the economy? Still sucks, I'm guessing, though things here in good Virginia are just as fine as frog hair! Seems we're the state least effected by the sagging economy thanks to tourism, the military and my employer, the Newport News Shipyard (owned by Northrop Grumman, of course). Come on down, folks! We got heat and humidity but we also have central air conditioning that'll freeze your nads off and form icicles on your nosehairs, weeeehoooo! We also have the occassional hurricane, but pffft! What's a little wind and rain, eh? No bigs. Better than being buried under three feet of that vile shit called "snow" and then having insult added to injury, a couple inches of ICE to frost that shit-cake. Ugh. I'm so glad I'm not in Massachusetts. I am a Masshole, through and through, but that snow shit is not happenin'. No way, Huh-uh.
Go Sox, Pats rule, "pahk the cah" and all that, but I am not moving back. Ever. I'll do my yankee bit down here and drive all the locals bananas. I'll be THAT "damn yankee". Shove your Union Jack confederate flag up your redneck ass, I'm a liberal northerner who just HAPPENS to live here in the semi-south. Uh yeah kids, we're not IN the south. Technically this is the mid-Atlantic region, so I don't know where all this "southern pride" comes from, but it's a bit misplaced. Not completely, however. We've got peeps from all the country here, thanks to the armed forces (mostly Navy). Mmm, I loves me some sailors in their cracker jacks (is that what they call it? must ask the hubs). Ooh I saw a hot cop today at the concert in the park ...tall, dark hair, a face like a young Ray Liotta and some nice guns....and no, not the one in his holser. His ass was rather small, but I'll take it so long as the rest of him, um, makes up for it. OH HUSH! I know I'm married, don't gimme that 'tude. Hell, I'm married, not DEAD. A girl can look, can take in all the details and store him away to be taken out for use in a dirty movie reel in my head. Right? Well, if you disagree then you're either a prude or sorely misinformed. I meandering, or WHAT?!?!?!?! It could be as a result of the pomegranate martini I just slurped down. Or it could be that I'm a total spaz AND a bit A.D.D. So there you have it.

Umm, ok well I'm getting a bit horny with all this Gerard Butler/Ray Liotta talk so I'm going to go jump on my unsuspecting husband while y'all try to erase the mental image I may have just conjured up by telling you I'm going to go hump my hubby.

I'm rotten, aren't I?

Ah, you love it.