Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ENOUGH, Already!!!

Jon & kate...Jon & Kate...Jon & Kate...Jon & Kate....Jon & Kate...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I hear those names ONE MORE TIME I'm going to PUKE!!!
Why is America so fascinated with these two? Any moron can squeeze out 8 kids (as evidenced by that useless turd known as "Octomom"). But these two, who I will hereby refer to as JackAss & Satan's Butthole, not only manage to spawn a ridiculous amount of children in only two pregnancies, but now commence to screw the kids up for life by acting like spoiled children in a sandbox and not enough toys to go 'round. JackAss isn't the worst of the two, but his spineless kowtowing to his wife, Satan's Butthole, isn't setting the best example and frankly, is aggravating the piss out of men and women alike all across the country. I can only imagine the items thrown with ferocious force at thousands of televisions each time Jon, uh, I mean JACKASS is immasculated by that witch's sharp tongue and doesn't smack her down in return. I'm sure, were that to happen, cheers would be heard from households all across America.
Don't EVEN get me started on Satan's Butthole...holy moly, that woman needs to be beaten with a dead fish and then have her head shaved and dipped in raw sewage. What is with that haircut anyway? Perhaps having a family as large as that would drive many of us to distraction, but her OCD is out of control. I'd be willing to bet if you tried to shove a titanium rod up her arse, you would walk away with a bent-as-hell rod and her looking around wondering what that vague feeling in her backside was.
What really irks me now though is this: when the show started it was about the kids, about the family dynamic. Now it's a big load of shit. Celebrity perks, Kate spending most of her days at spas and on vacation. W...T....F????? Jon getting a custom built bike by --gasp!-- other celebrities!!! It's simply ridiculous, the whole shebang.

OK, I'll admit - we only see what the producers choose to show us. We have no idea what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling or what ends up on the cutting room floor. Still, these two boobs are everywhere and it's bugging the shit out of me. They've ruined their marriage, are on the way to sending all 8 of their kids into a lifetime of therapy and by having their names and pictures splashed across every magazine and publication in the country, are pissing us off!!!

How about a show about me and my family? Keep your perks, keep your celebrity status and see how the rest of us REALLY live. We're a helluva lot more entertaining, I'll tell ya that.


  1. Lmao!!!! Well said, I couldn't have put it any better!!!.....It brought me to tears! :)


  2. I think a show about you and your family is a GREAT idea! I'd watch it! ;)